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Anonymous: I hope you still write prompts! So high school au. Stiles is a popular jock, Derek is kind of a nerd. Anyway, Stiles has a huge crush on Derek and tells him that. Repeatedly. But Derek doesn't takes him seriously because how could a popular guy like Stiles ever like such a dork?


i kinda changed the prompt a little


Someone is throwing pieces of a bread roll at Derek. Smirking a little, he licks his thumb and turns the page of his book as if unaffected. A crust hits his eyebrow, Derek raises said eyebrow as if fascinated by what he’s reading.


Derek shuts his book, and hears a sigh of relief. He glances over the blurb blindly, makes an interested sound, and then flicks the book open again.


Half of the bread roll lands in the middle of his page, and he sighs, looks up to glare at the beaming face across the table. The face belongs to Stiles, of course, who seems intent on disrupting Derek’s quest to finish Don Quixote. It’s been slow going, so he’s not entirely adverse to being distracted—especially by Stiles—but, he can’t say so. Instead, he looks impassively back at Stiles as Stiles wiggles his eyebrows, grins widely.

“Oh hey, did I interrupt your reading?”

Derek rolls his eyes, snatches up the bread roll and tosses it back at Stiles. Stiles opens his mouth and catches it, chews until it’s disappeared, and Derek wrinkles up his nose in disgust.

“You’re incredible.”

You’re incredible,” Stiles retorts, “What are you reading?”

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Stiles Stilinski getting his game on a.k.a. please don’t: [13/?]

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He’s just so nice. He loves the cheesecake factory - Holland Roden explaining why Hoechlin is the most awkward cast member

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The McCall Pack

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Favorite quote per episodeScott McCall [season 3b]

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nobody said it was easy,

oh it’s such a shame for us to part

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Tyler Posey & Tyler Hoechlin on the red carpet at MTV Movie Awards 2014 (x)

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